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    Don’t Mess With Texas

    We have been on the road now for eleven months. In that time we have visited five countries on three different continents and camped in eleven US states....

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    282 feet Below Sea Level and Above

    Written by Jes, In my last post I professed my love of the people of Northern California, but left out the details as to why I’ve fallen...

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    Conscience Simplification

    Written by Jes Striker ¬†Con-science (noun) the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual   Sim-pli-fy (verb)...

Written by Jes,

This past blurb is one of my favorite memories from our time in Vermont earlier this summer. I think it sticks with me more than others because it really was just another day but I was able to actually verbalize it later & completely embrace each moment of that day.

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Written By Jason,

We spend last week back in our home, Steamboat Springs Colorado. It always brings back a lot of emotion when roll back though for a quick visit. In all our travels we have still never found a place we love more, and it always feels great to stop back in.

We often go long periods of time in unfamiliar places where we don’t know anyone, and I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to be surrounded by old friends and familiar faces.

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Once again, I must apologize for my absence from sharing our journey here. As time has gone by I’ve made many realizations about myself and the world around me. Many of you have said to me “you must be to busy living” which is indeed very true. However, I enjoying sharing my thoughts & photographs with others tremendously and I plan to continue to do so. Read More